"Pipeline is a big advantage to entrepreneurs in Wichita - it immediately connects you with a national network -as well as the rest of the entrepreneurs in Pipeline. If you are striving to build something big - do this. You won't regret it..." -Brian Williamson

Brian Williamson is President and Chief Executive Officer of JCB Laboratories. He brings extensive experience and innovation to the sterile compounding industry.

His proven leadership and industry-specific knowledge has grown JCB 2000% over the last eight years.

Prior to starting JCB Laboratories, he was one of three sterile product-specific pharmacist consultants for PCCA, the world’s largest compounding educational center. He has held the positions of V.P. of Educational Services for Meridian Pharmaceuticals, adjunct professor for several pharmacy schools, and appointed as a clinical pharmacist in a pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit in a large pediatric teaching hospital.

Mr. Williamson has a B.S. in biology from Southwestern College, a B.S. in Pharmacy from The University of Kansas, and a Doctor of Pharmacy from The Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy in Winchester, Virginia.