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10:30 am - Mix and Mingle Presentations 

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1:40 pm - 2021 Pipeline Fellow Group Q&A with VIP Judges

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If you have a ticket to the evening gala, we will see you back at The Abbott at 5:30 pm for cocktails, dinner and our awards program.



Senior Advisor – Growth Strategy VentureWell

Eric Drummond is an entrepreneur, business development ecosystem builder, venture capitalist, and former partner at one of the globe’s largest international law firms, now with 48 offices in 22 countries. He has more than 30 years of business and complex administrative law experience, with a focus in emerging technology, sustainability, next generation digital architecture, and alternative energy issues. Drummond owned his own law firm and launched the Alternative Energy Practice at Denver’s oldest law firm. He has been recognized in Reuter’s “SuperLawyer”, Martindale Hubbell’s “Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers”, and “Who’s Who in American Law”. Drummond is a Senior Advisor – Growth Strategy at VentureWell (VW). VW is a 25-year-old global NGO headquartered in Massachusetts that “envision[s] a world in which science and technology innovators have the support, training, and access to networks and resources they need to solve the world’s most difficult problems.” In 2007, he was elected Mayor of a community in Colorado in a four-way race by the largest margin in a contested Mayoral race in the history of the city and also has represented the U.S. Department of Energy in the nation’s $32 billion Section 1705 Loan Guaranty Program. Drummond is the founder and CEO of Innovation Corridor Investments, LLC, a technology accelerator and investment firm and has accepted appointments from Colorado’s last two Governors. In addition, he assisted the Department of Energy in creating the National Renewable Energy Lab’s (NREL) Energy Fellows Institute, where he founded the Clean Energy Generation program, served as Expert-in-Residence and, ultimately, Co-Managing Director. An advocate of supporting innovation, capital formation, and the business community, Drummond is the Chair of Colorado’s Venture Capital Authority, the state’s +$100 million AUM seed- and early-stage institutional venture fund and is in his ninth year on the board of directors. In 2014, Drummond accepted a federal appointment to the 5-member Foundation Board of Directors of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), which manages the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), the nation’s premiere federally funded research lab in weather forecasting, earth sciences, and climate analytics. On behalf of the Department of Commerce, NIST, NSF and NASA, Drummond co-designed and launched the nation’s first smart cities-focused high-performance supercomputer modeling program, the “Supercomputer Modeling and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cluster for Smart Cities and Regions”. He is a founding director of the Colorado Clean Energy Found, a green infrastructure bank, serves on the Board of Governors of the international 2030 Districts Network and, along with Breakthrough Energy, and others, is a founding member of the D.C.-based thinktank, Bipartisan Policy Center’s, “American Energy Innovators Network”. Drummond received his undergraduate degree, with an emphasis in Symbolic Logic and Predicate Calculus from the University of Texas at Austin and his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law.



Founder & President 
KMM Sports

Kelli is an attorney, an NFL sports agent and Founder and President of KMM Sports, a full-service sports management company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and her hometown of Oklahoma City. She is widely recognized as one of the most influential women in sports business. She has represented more professional athletes than any woman in the industry, having served as agent/contract adviser to players in every NFL draft since 2006 as well as numerous players in the MLB draft. In 2010, she made history as the first woman to represent a first round pick in the NFL Draft. In her book, High Impact Life, Kelli chooses to inspire others not with her successes, but with her vulnerability, sharing not only the victories but also the battles and failures along the way. Kelli’s reputation for outstanding work continues to grow and inspire countless others.



Kapor Capital

Brian Dixon is one of the first and youngest African-American Partners at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. He is committed to making sure entrepreneurs of all backgrounds have access to advice and capital in order to make their business succeed. For the past ten years, he has worked his way up from intern to Partner at Kapor Capital.Brian is a Kauffman Fellow, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) Fellow, and two-time tech startup founder. Brian has an MBA from F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science from Northeastern University. To-date, Brian has shared his investment experience on over 50 stages, including TechCrunch Disrupt, SXSW, and SOCAP. He has also been featured on NPR and has earned several recognitions, including being named one of Business Insider’s 46 Most Important African Americans in Technology.





Founder |

Adriana is the founder of, a work/life management benefit that helps companies retain their top talent, maintain productivity, and diversify their teams, the co-founder of Forward Collective, a group of start-up founders, corporations and thought leaders committed to creating practical solutions for the new workplace, an All Raise Visionary Voices speaker, and a consultant on People & Culture.  After leading the Inclusion & Diversity efforts for the largest private bank in the U.S., Adriana decided to leave the corporate world and use her 15+ years of experience in Marketing, Product Management, and HR to create tangible solutions to level the playing field at work. Her vision, a world in which excelling at work and living a fulfilling life is possible. When not  consulting, speaking or running a startup, you can find Adriana serving on Omaha based non-profit boards, cooking, swinging her racquet, connecting with friends, and mostly enjoying time with her husband, kids and chocolate-lab.



CO-Founder | Logica

Carissa Castro is the co-founder of Logica, a visual, collaborative financial modeling platform for dynamic planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Prior to this, she was the Chief Operating Officer at Bulu and Operations Director at MultiMechanics. She also spent 10 years at Cargill, and was a Global Manufacturing Technology Senior Engineer as well as various other management and operations roles. She has managed budgets over $50M, and has extensive experience with financial modeling & analysis. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a BS in Chemical Engineering, and more recently completed an online certification in software development.

Chris Jones.png


Founder | MatchRite Care LLC

Chris Jones has worked in Information Technology for over 20 years and served 9 years as a Healthcare IT Director. He recently founded MatchRite Care LLC, a software platform built using FHIR standards to allow and promote patient record accessibility and communication between doctors and patients. MatchRite Care is actively setting the standard for pushing patient information across all EHR’s Electronic Health Records.

Christian Harding.png


Co-Founder & CEO | VaxNewMo

Christian Harding, Ph.D., is the CEO and co-founder of VaxNewMo, a St. Louis based biotech company developing vaccines to prevent deadly bacterial infections. Prior to VaxNewMo, Christian received his Bachelor of Science from the College of Charleston, his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, and conducted his postdoctoral training at Washington University in St. Louis. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Christian left his career in academia in 2016 to co-found VaxNewMo and has been the driving force behind VaxNewMo’s R&D efforts and corporate growth. He has authored numerous federally funded grants, 15 peer-reviewed manuscripts, and is the is the inventor of multiple VaxNewMo patents.



Co-Founder | Boddle Learning

Clarence Tan is an edtech entrepreneur, game designer, gamification expert, and currently the co-founder of Boddle Learning— a gamified education platform that uses gameplay and AI to make learning math fun and personalized. He started his entrepreneurial journey designing educational games during his junior year in college and started a game development company in Colombia, South America in 2011. Now, he is a veteran in the games industry with over 9 years of experience designing engaging interactive learning experiences for schools, government institutions, and large corporations. He is also a speaker on classroom gamification at educational conferences such as KCPT(PBS), LearnFest, Games for Change, and ISTE.

Dr. Cooper.png


Co-Founder & CEO | Diversity Telehealth

Dr. Cooper is an entrepreneur and 25-year veteran educator who continued her dedication to community service by studying telemedicine and earning her Doctorate degree in 2014. Her dissertation, “Opinion Leaders’ Perspective of the Benefits and Barriers in Telemedicine: A Grounded Theory Study of Telehealth in the Midwest” laid the foundation for the 2014 establishment of the parent company, Diversity Telehealth. The SureShow platform was founded in 2019. It replaces no-show medical appointments and late cancellations with billable telehealth appointments. Providers will be able to recoup lost revenue; patients receive more frequent care and clinics achieve higher quality measures. Dr. Cooper also provides no-cost telehealth services for underserved families through her charitable organization, Diversity Telehealth Community Network, Inc. (501c3).

Joshua Hample.png


Co-Founder & CEO | Certified Cell, Inc

Joshua is a strategic thinker who excels at bridging the gap between new concepts and the operational systems required to execute them successfully. He spends his days at Certified Cell helping re-define how the wireless industry interacts cohesively between sales, repair, maintenance, and resale of devices. Joshua enjoys creating systems, applying structure to chaos, and taking calculated risks to push the boundaries of what is possible. Previously, Joshua spent time as a commercial banker, software sale executive and wireless retail vice president — all of which gave him a diversified set of experiences that he brings into each entrepreneurial endeavor that he participates in.

Lauren Lawrence.png


Founder | Stenovate

Lauren graduated from the American Institute of Business in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in court reporting. She spent eight years mastering her craft, specializing in intense, high-profile cases, reporting locally and internationally until 2019. When she could no longer ignore the serious gap in business and efficiency tools for the legal transcript community, she retired her steno machine to focus solely on creating Stenovate, a SaaS project management tool for stenographers, editors, and proofreaders of verbatim legal transcripts.



Co-Founder & CEO | phas3 

Lucas Rydberg is Co-founder and CEO of phas3, a digital health company that makes cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs accessible to all patients. Before starting phas3, Lucas studied Biomedical Engineering at SLU where he designed and taught a Signals & Systems lab course that included projects such as building an ECG circuit and building a guitar tuner out of an Arduino. His projects at SLU won engineering design awards and led to the foundation of the phas3 digital health platform. Lucas spends his free time running ultra marathons, playing music (guitar, mandolin, banjo and more) and making mobile apps.

Miguel Johns.png


Founder | MMNT 

Founder at mmnt. Professional public speaker and former D-1 athlete. I have personally coached hundreds of people to stronger mindsets, healthier lifestyles, and improved public speaking skills.

Nomi Smith.png


Chief Executive Officer | PMI Rate Pro

Nomi was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She moved to Kansas City in 2007 and obtained her MBA from Avila University. She has a total of 8 years in the banking and Mortgage industry. Helping homebuyers make the best financial decision is her passion. Nomi always wanted full transparency & mortgage affordability for her clients and as a result co-founded PMI Rate Pro.

Robyn Rosenberger.png


Founder & CEO | TinySuperheroes

My name is Robyn Rosenberger. In August 2012, I made a special cape as a gift for my nephew’s birthday because of his love for superheroes. And as a result, I made a few more for the other superheroes (kids and dogs) in my life. During this time, I was following a blog about a sweet girl named Brenna who was born with a very rare and severe skin disorder. I became enamored with her story and in awe at the strength that radiated from Brenna and her family. I had an AHA moment — Brenna was a superhero — she needed a cape! We sent Super Brenna her cape and my small hobby of making capes turned into a movement in just months. We began sending capes to children overcoming illness or disability. Since 2013, TinySuperheroes has empowered over 60,000 kids all over the world!

parker graham.png


Founder & CEO | Finotta

Former Football Player, High Net Worth Wealth Advisor, turned award winning entrepreneur, Parker Graham is the Founder and CEO of Finotta, a financial technology company focused on helping financial institutions deliver cutting edge and engaging technology to their customers. With their platform, Finotta has guided thousands of customers towards better financial wellness and revolutionized the way banks approach digitally serving their customers. Parker found his passion for helping others with their finances during his time in NFL locker rooms. Realizing the lack of financial literacy and wellness around him, he went into wealth management directly after he left the game to do something about it. As a Wealth Advisor at BOKF, he quickly understood that to solve the majority of financial problems most people are experiencing, more robust technology needed to be built using the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This led him to create Finotta and partner with institutions to solve this issue on as large of a scale as possible.