Pipeline State of the Union Address

The Year Ahead

JAN 22// 2021// 9:30–10:30AM

Happy New Year! As we start the new year, we hope that you’ll join us for the Pipeline State of the Union Address to learn about what Pipeline has in store for the year ahead. 


Pipeline’s Executive Director, Melissa Vincent wants to use this opportunity to talk about new Membership Plan options, in-person versus virtual meeting plans, new programming options and much more. The second half of the session will be a live Q&A to answer your questions about Pipeline. 


We hope you can join to kick off 2021!

Mental Resilience Under Pressure

Wellness Sessions with Monica Epperson

JAN 26// 2021// 11:00AM–12:00PM

OPEN TO PIPELINE MEMBERS ONLY | Our monthly Pipeline Wellness Session with Monica Epperson are closed sessions for just our Members. Monica is a trained counselor and coach that works exclusively with entrepreneurs and has been focusing on mental resilience during these sessions. We hope to see you there!

Pipeline New Fellow Orientation

Welcome Aboard — 2021 Fellowship Class

JAN 27// 2021// 11:00AM–1:00PM

As an entrepreneur in the incoming Fellowship class, Orientation will provided an overview of the 2021 Fellowship year and all it entails in being a Pipeline Fellow.

Pipeline Innovators Showcase

A Virtual Showcase

JAN 28// 2021

This virtual Daytime Showcase includes pitches from the graduating 2020 Pipeline Fellows, Best Pitch Award and announcement of the 2021 Fellows! 

Pipeline Module 1

Finding Your Customer

FEB 17–19// 2021

Module 1 introduces the incoming Fellowship class to the first of four, 3-day modules on their year-long journey of cutting-edge training of how to grow and scale their companies with a focus on finding their customer.

Pipeline Module 2

Building your Business Model

JUN 2–4// 2021

As the current Fellowship class continues their year-long journey on how to grow and scale their companies, Module 2 will focus on building out their business model and extending their training and mentorship.

Pipeline Module 3

Deep Dive into Finances

SEPT 8–10// 2021

Module 3 takes a deep dive into all things finance, allowing the Fellowship class to hone their finance skills and running their companies all with the expert guidance of the Pipeline Mentors and Advisors.

Pipeline Module 4

Finding Your Why

NOV 3–5// 2021

As the final module of the Fellowship year, Module 4 focuses on “finding your ‘why’” in addition to perfecting the pitch based on a year of progress, feedback and growth.




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