Together, We are Greater.

At Pipeline, together we move mountains. Through our Fellowship program, we build high-growth businesses with global reach. We create meaningful jobs that would not have otherwise existed. We advise the next generation of business leaders. We give generously back to our Pipeline peers and the greater entrepreneurial community.

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Breadth, Meet Depth

These maps are visual representations of Pipeline’s depth and breadth. Pipeline is a vibrant, tight-knit community with reach around the globe.

Our Connections

Pipeline members teach, learn, mentor and invest alongside each other at all stages of life and business. Our impact grows more emphatic with each new Fellowship class and every new venture.

We are Global

Pipeline Member HQ Location
Major Business Partner Location

Pipeline Members do business in more than 85 countries around the world and our major business partners spread the globe. What starts here changes everything. Our Members can build businesses from wherever they choose, because Pipeline gives them the resources they need to succeed anywhere.

Our Passion is Permanent

Pipeline is for life. Your Fellowship year is just the beginning. We don’t take equity because we invest in people, not products. We care most about long-term trajectories and collective impact.

Our Members are committed to also becoming active, engaged investors - helping peers who are also building vibrant entrepreneurial companies.
This number represents the total number of Pipeline Members reporting who are active investors.
Repeat Founders
Pipeline Members don’t just stop after one company. They are hungry and passionate for more. Pipeline isn’t about a single company. We’re about longer trajectories, and whole careers.
This number represents the total number of Pipeline Members reporting who have founded more than one company.
Total Mentor Hours
Our network is full of generous mentors with extensive experience who are all-in on supporting Pipeline. Their time, advice, and brainpower help build some of the most sustainable, high-growth companies in the world. We ask for, expect, and measure these ongoing contributions.
This is a new metric for Pipeline. It represents total hours Pipeline mentors reported supporting the Pipeline network and its entrepreneurs in 2015.
At Pipeline, success isn’t just about exploiting a business opportunity. We’re about creating new technologies and progressing human knowledge. We see IP as an indicator that Members are working on critical problems, and creating enduring value in the process.
This number represents the total number and percentage of Pipeline Members reporting who declared IP in the form of provisional or fully-issued patents during 2018.
Class of the Year
Class of the Year reflects our family values: helping each other grow, helping Pipeline remain strong, funded and permanent, being great ambassadors, and bringing others into the family who help us do what we do so well. It also plays into our undeniable competitive spirit.
This metric is unique to Pipeline and its algorithm is a closest-guarded trade secret.

Punching Above Our Weight

Pipeline’s economic impact is potent. Together we move mountains and our entrepreneurs run some of the most impactful companies in their region and throughout the world.

We’re not just building businesses, we’re creating jobs and by doing so, giving others the opportunity to do ambitious, meaningful work right where they live.
This number represents total wages created by Pipeline Member companies reporting since member joining Pipeline.
This is the number we put back into the economy last year and we’re enormously proud of this metric’s continued growth. These are high-quality jobs that would not have existed otherwise, and wages that make a difference in our communities every day.
This number represents total wages created by Pipeline Member companies reporting during 2018.
This metric is more personal. Pipeline Member companies also provide high-quality career track jobs - paying significantly higher than average wages.
This number represents the average salary created by Pipeline Member companies reporting during 2018.
Jobs Created by Member Companies
More and more of our Member companies have entered the growth stage of their business. Here in the Midwest we have all the talent we need to build world-changing, global businesses that employ thousands.
This number represents total jobs created by our Pipeline Member companies during their program lifetime .
2018 was another banner year. Pipeline Members are hiring and retaining incredible talent right here in the Midwest.
When you compare this to state benchmarks for all companies, these numbers are impressive. Pipeline members continue to perform above the national average.

World Class Results

When compared to regional and national baselines, Pipeline measures up against the very best in the world when it comes to revenue.

Revenue for all Member Companies Reporting
Our all-time revenue shows Pipeline’s consistency, and compounding impact. We love building companies the “old fashioned way” by making more money than we spend.
This number represents the total revenue of Pipeline Member companies reporting since member companies joined Pipeline. We average almost $100M a year in collective revenue.
Average Revenue Growth for Member Companies Reporting
High Impact from High Growth. Pipeline companies are growing at an impressive rate. In 2018 alone, Pipeline Member companies have driven 52% percent increase in revenues. This is impressive at any time, but even more so in an overall regional economy where most companies are facing declining growth. If we want to re-energize our economy, we need more firms that grow like Pipeline companies.
This number represents the high growth rate by Pipeline Members - who are driven to outperform the market, not only in the Midwest, but around the globe.
Revenue per Member Company
Revenue is a good metric for operational efficacy. Pipeline member companies pack a lot of punch. We are all known for doing a whole a lot with very little.

Raising Relationships

Any VC will tell you that capital raises depend on relationships, results, and mutual accountability. Pipeline Members raise money from the Midwest and well beyond, in amounts equal to or exceeding like companies across the Midwest, and the nation.

Capital Raised by Member Companies
This number is impressive unto itself - but the clip at which this metric is growing might surprise you. Local funds and coastal capital increasingly looks to the Midwest for bright, committed entrepreneurial leaders who think big and execute on this vision.
Capital Raised by Member Companies
Pipeline Members are raising more and more money each year, across a variety of categories, industries, and stages.
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