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Pipeline Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying the region’s top innovators who also exhibit business leadership skills and surrounded them with the education, support, network and resources to enable their businesses to gain traction and to grow.  This support includes a year-long fellowship program, consisting of four in-depth leadership modules, followed by ongoing business resources, mentorship, advisors, and education.  As a result, our members have consistently well-outperformed their peers in revenue, job creation and economic impact on the region.   


Since 2007, over 200 entrepreneurs have gone through the Pipeline program. Collectively, this group of entrepreneurs has generated more than 2.2 billion dollars in revenue, raised more than 750 million dollars in capital, and created over 950 million dollars in wages for the region.

There is no other organization regionally that focuses solely on serial entrepreneurs who are high growth, that is industry agnostic and does not take equity in the companies that they serve.  It is this ability to focus on the entrepreneur first that has allowed us to be so successful and is also the crux of our evolution as an organization moving forward.   


In January of 2022 we piloted our Pathfinder Program for underrepresented, "untapped" entrepreneurs who were specifically looking to build scalable, high-growth companies but were at an earlier stage in their company lifecycle and have not yet accessed their full potential as a result.    Pathfinder capitalizes on the intense work that has been done to build our successful Fellowship and Membership programs and leverages it to provide unparalleled access to elite education, resources, mentorship, networking and support.

In order to continue to provide this important work, we depend on the generous donations of our community, partners and foundation supporters.  We appreciate your donation to Pipeline to help us be able to continue our work.

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