The Pipeline Coat of Arms was created with both historical heraldic imagery, as well as Pipeline specific history and tradition. Our crest is a blend of old and new; ancient and innovative. We feel it truly reflects the values and strengths of the entire Pipeline Family.

  • 10 Stars—Past, Present & Future

For over a decade, Pipeline has curated a network of high performers growing global businesses and building life-changing technologies together.


  • Torch—Intelligence & Guidance

Our immersive Fellowship program blends workshop modules, expert advice, and robust mentorship from the entire Pipeline network.


  • Leaves—Strength & Family Bonds

Surrounded by others that have faced similar challenges and opportunities, our Members provide each other with the resources for life.


  • Crown—Dignity & Accomplishment

Pushing each other to new heights, our Members create jobs, invest in their communities, and grow the next generation of business leaders.


  • Heart—Sincerity & Charity

United by a decade-long commitment, our Members give generously of their time and support to our family and beyond.


  • The Leaps of Faith—Ambition & Optimism

Our Members leap towards their futures with optimism, supported by their peers and emboldened by their Pipeline family behind them.



Thank you to our Partners who make the work we do possible.


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