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The Pipeline Coat of Arms was created with both historical heraldic imagery, as well as Pipeline specific history and tradition. Our crest is a blend of old and new; ancient and innovative. We feel it truly reflects the values and strengths of the entire Pipeline Family.

  • 10 Stars—Past, Present & Future

For over a decade, Pipeline has curated a network of high performers growing global businesses and building life-changing technologies together.


  • Torch—Intelligence & Guidance

Our immersive Fellowship program blends workshop modules, expert advice, and robust mentorship from the entire Pipeline network.


  • Leaves—Strength & Family Bonds

Surrounded by others that have faced similar challenges and opportunities, our Members provide each other with the resources for life.


  • Crown—Dignity & Accomplishment

Pushing each other to new heights, our Members create jobs, invest in their communities, and grow the next generation of business leaders.


  • Heart—Sincerity & Charity

United by a decade-long commitment, our Members give generously of their time and support to our family and beyond.


  • The Leaps of Faith—Ambition & Optimism

Our Members leap towards their futures with optimism, supported by their peers and emboldened by their Pipeline family behind them.

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