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Pipeline Entrepreneurs is an organization that has had a very direct impact on the growth of entrepreneurialism and the economy in the Midwest. The 140+ entrepreneurs who have gone through our program employ more than 2,700 people in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, have raised more than $609 million in outside capital since joining Pipeline, and are doing business in more than 85 countries. It is an honor to get to lead such a dynamic organization as we continue our work to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Midwest.


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Pipeline is a network of high-performing entrepreneurs who call the Midwest home. Our entrepreneurs and experts give generously of their time, talent and capital so that we can build global businesses from wherever we choose.


The pandemic brought the healthcare industry to its knees and shattered all of my business’ 2020 projections. My Pipeline family was ready the first week to help me move from panic to action; guiding me not only on how to keep my sanity, but also educating me weekly on how to apply for disaster relief from the SBA, better communicate with our associates, refocus and innovate to seize the moment, and use my experience and knowledge to help others. If you are an entrepreneur who needs just a bit of help changing the world, apply to Pipeline now to have an army at your side.



Thank you to our Partners who make the work we do possible.


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